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New novel 'Carlisle' now on Kindle Scout ready to receive public nominations for January 2017


From December 28th 2016 to January 27th 2017 you can read an extract from my latest novel ‘Carlisle’ on Kindle Scout. If you hit the ‘Nominate’ button you will give this author a chance to win a publishing deal with Amazon, enabling this great new story and sequel to ‘Deliver By Moonlight’ to reach a worldwide audience. After the campaign, and if successful, as a thank you for your nomination, Kindle will send you an EBook copy of the complete text. From me, the author, you will receive a message of thanks and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped in no small way by making this book a winner. All you have to do is click through on this link:

Link To Kindle Scout: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/10WAM7NGDKXVL

and press the ‘Nominate’ button. You will be asked one of two voting questions such as what you thought of the cover etc … and that is it … your nomination will be registered and the more nominations ‘Carlisle’ receives, the closer we will come to persuading Amazon that this fascinating story is a work worth investing in. Thank you for your vote of confidence and I hope you can look forward to receiving your FREE copy of ‘Carlisle’, a page turner for everyone.

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Two wartime secret agents; a spurned love and a gifted fortune combine to make the life of Glenn Carlisle one of emotion driven achievement. An attempted assassination will force Carlisle on a trail of revenge, but when he discovers the existence of a daughter, his life changes forever. Facing an ultimate dark realization, will yet another killer finally threaten the life of the now ailing business magnate? Who will conquer ... and who will be defeated in the electrifying finale?




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