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08/06/2018 10:07
The final book in the 'Carlisle Trilogy' is now complete and on general release. Along with the first book 'Deliver by Moonlight' and it's sequel 'Carlisle' this latest work by author Quentin Cope is titled 'Sins of a Stranger' bringing the the story of the Carlisle family from the begginning of...
07/06/2018 10:58
The latest release from the pen of author Quentin Cope is titled 'The Arabian' and is published by Little French Media, a New York based media group. This fast moving erotic thriller is not for the faint hearted but there is little doubt that once you turn page one, you will be hooked. The current...
31/05/2017 10:36
The sequel to 'Deliver by Moonlight' is now available on Amazon worldwide titled 'Carlisle' The first book told the story of the main characters from 1919 to 1943 and this second book in the series follows characters from 1943 to 1976. All Quentin Cope novels are available in paperback and Ebook...
08/02/2017 11:20
Great news for Glover Wright fans as his latest thriller will appear before us at a launch event on Februray 21st. Publisher Fiery Seas will host an event on Facebook and invitations are now being sent out. If you've missed yours you can get in touch with Fiery Seas at their website linked below....
05/01/2017 11:02
A great new novel titled 'Carlise' is coming soon. Watch out for details on social media and my web site
30/12/2016 10:41
New novel 'Carlisle' scheduled for release in 2017 Two wartime secret agents; a spurned love and a gifted fortune combine to make the life of Glenn Carlisle one of emotion driven achievement. An attempted assassination will force Carlisle on a trail of revenge, but when he discovers the existence...
22/12/2016 09:49
Things You Should Know About Women (Written By A Man) is the latest amusing observational study of that most engagubg relationships between a man and a woman. You have to see it here:
22/12/2016 09:46
A new video trailer for the recently published thriller 'The Doksany Legacy' is now on YouTube and you can find it here:
24/08/2016 08:06
A great new video trailer is now available on YouTube for Quentin Cope's latest novel, Deliver By Moonlight. This is a clever combination story of WWII spy thriller and a scene setting historical drama. You can find the link here:
23/07/2016 11:03
New trailer for Tony Collins - Football Master Spy released ... and you can find it here:
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