Promo Titles from Author Quentin Cope

21/02/2024 10:55
Two GREAT BOOKS on FREE download. An explosive storyline driven by the greed of one single man threads through these two titles; a man determined to take on a project designed to influence the outcome of a bloody war; a war that has been raging for several years between two of the largest oil...

NEW RELEASE FOR 2024 - ANNA - Quentin Cope

08/01/2024 10:43
Get ready for what may well turn out to be the thriller of the year. A dark but at times exhilarating international espionage thriller, designed to leave you wanting more, chapter after chapter. The first time reader will become immersed from page one and the powerful female main character will...

New Release - 'ASSASSIN' - Quentin Cope

18/04/2023 09:46
Due for release on April 25th the latest thriller from popular author Quentin Cope is bound to have you glued to your seat. This well produced full length novel from publisher MECURIAN BOOKS is available in Kindle, Paperback and Hardback on AMAZON worldwide. 'ASSASSIN' is fascinating fast paced...

New Year FREE Downloads from Mecurian Books

02/01/2023 10:44
To get the New Year off with a bang, as writers, you may find yourself, now,and again, looking for that odd phrase or few words to lift you out of a temporary blockage. Well, the good news is there are Three Books now on FREE download to help you through this common problem. They may work for you...
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