5 Star reviews for newly released 'Epidemic'

16/08/2020 08:36

Epidemic: Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Epidemic by Quentin Cope is a stunning thriller. Billy Bright is ambitious. He’s also a top criminal. He makes the acquaintance of a French aristocrat who possesses drawings of a WWII tunnel; Billy intends to excavate the tunnel starting in England but he didn’t bank on millions of blind, giant rats being released, rats that are carrying an HIV virus. The Prime Minister has lost control and an epidemic is declared. As the bodies mount up, Martial Law comes into effect while specialists try to come up with a vaccine. But that’s not all Britain has to cope with. France and the EU are threatening to put the UK into an economic lockdown and the Americans, lead by a president who has become unhinged, tells the EU to nuke England. There can only be one outcome – a nuclear submarine is on standby. Is this the end of the United Kingdom?

Epidemic by Quentin Cope is a great read, very close to home right now in some respects – perhaps with the exception of the blind giant rats. The nuclear submarine? Who knows? Anyway, this was a story that grabbed me from the first page, an incredibly descriptive story that lands you right in the middle of the action. It is tense at times and it is graphic in places, particularly in death descriptions so it isn’t really recommended for under 18s. It is a unique plot, with plenty of action and lots of twists and turns along the way. The ending? Not saying a word – just read it and find out for yourselves. The characters are well developed, likable, and relatable with great stories of their own. Overall, a truly gripping read that will suit anyone interested in current events with a twist or two and a sting in the tail.