'Em' ... 24 chapters ... 24 hours in the life of a northern girl ... now released by Mecurian Books

14/04/2019 11:30

Released by new County Durham based imprint Mecurian Books on April 4th, 'Em' is the story of Emily Macklam, a gutsy northern girl with a plan! Forced to manage a poorly functioning but calculating alcoholic mother and a defiantly delinquent teenage brother, a fatherless nineteen year old Emily is someone determined to facilitate her dream of moving away from a clinging dysfunctional family and create a new life for herself.

This sometimes sad but often amusing story is an observation, a narration exposing the gritty reality of walking in the footsteps of Emily Macklam and surviving for just one particular day; one day ... in the life of ‘Em’, a true ‘Northern Girl’  in a true northern town like Hartlepool and a story that has the  capacity to become one of your most un-forgettable reads. Available now on Amazon worldwide.