New Book Release

05/11/2015 01:30

Finally ... 'Deliver by Moonlight' is here. It has been a struggle but the result is excellent, so here is the blurb ...

Deliver by Moonlight: Historical Drama: Period 1920 – 1942: France: ISBN 13:978 - 1518817212

A search is on for the long lost illegitimate child of Eve, Madame of Le Chabanais; the most famous Bordello in 1920’s Paris. But with the tragic death of her mentor gnawing at her sanity, she moves south to begin a new less complicated life.

However, in 1940, the Nazi invasion of France forces her into the murky, underground world of fearless Maquis fighters seeking retribution against a background of complex politics that would eventually see the reluctant birth of the American clandestine operations office, the OSS.

The battle is on to win the hearts and minds of the French Résistance leaving Eve committed to a life of covert activity that will lead her to face a truth she never thought possible, and dedicated to the ultimate survival of someone who only weeks previously had been a complete stranger.

 This intriguing historical drama, following the life of one courageous woman and a defiantly brave young man, will take you back to a time, between world wars, of hedonistic Parisian pleasures and the following much darker days of invasion and despair.