New Review on Amazon for 'Deliver by Moonlight'

24/11/2015 00:42
Great review on Amazon UK for Deliver by Moonlight:
Author Quentin Cope's move into Ken Follett WW2 saga territory pays off in spades in "Deliver by Moonlight", the first of three new Cope novels linking his well-defined characters through tumultuous world events as decades and eras pass.
It would be unfair to Cope and his many avid readers to give away his plot (difficult too as it is wide-ranging and absorbing) but at its constantly hard-beating heart is his heroine, Eve Charbonneau, growing from a spoilt only child middle-class girl of Jewish descent into a heroine in the French resistance - but first falling pregnant along her youthful precocious way to a dashing wealthy French aristocrat, Thierry Marquis de Vergy-Laval, who commits suicide when confronted with the situation unacceptable to his high station. Predictably, her illigitimate boy-child is ripped from Eve by her shamed parents and passed secretly into the care of a religious order of French monks and nuns near Nice. Her fall continues as she drifts homeless and despairing into life in a Paris bordello, constantly longing for her lost son, leading inevitably - as her fortunes improve in a most unlikely way - to her lifetime search for him with fateful consequences for both mother and son as the scourge of Nazism engulfs Europe. Quentin Cope's "Deliver by Moonlight" will grip the reader relentlessly throughout with its credible scenes of action, torture and twists of fate - for this is a novel of humanity at its most cruel and depraved, yet, deep at its heart, uplifting, in its denouement of supreme courage and sacrifice.
Geoffrey Glover-Wright. Jersey.