The Travels of Herbert T. Eustace slated to be a winner in 2020

22/01/2020 11:00

Released this January ... the latest offering from author Quentin Cope is titled ‘The Travels of Herbert T. Eustace’ This fascinating story is one of a particular era and a place many of us would wish to comprehend, but have never experienced; a place where time and distance end up being unreliably fluid; a tale of recognisable allegory, coated perhaps with a thin layer of subtle satire. But at the heart of this compelling narrative is a relationship, a very special relationship between one man and a dog. Easily described as a cross between ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Wallace & Gromit’ the two main characters, Herbert and Grumpy, become lost in a unique series of travel adventures; adventures that force them to confront prejudice and inequalities in a sometimes confusing world, a world where animals and humans are able to communicate at an equitable level.