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The Arabian

Jon V. Kofas : Engaging! : August 23, 2019  :Format : Paperback

A well-written thriller keeps the reader engaged start to finish. Filled with excitement, every page reveals a very dramatic and realistic story.


AD : Good : August 19, 2019 : Format : Paperback

Exciting thriller, I recommend this story.


Polar Star : Fantastic Tale! : December 3, 2018 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

What a fun, exciting, dramatic read. Quentin’s knowledge of the Middle East and particularly the Gulf lends credibility to the details of the story. Many of the details I am sure are gathered from his personal experience.
It is difficult to put this book down and I am sure that many will read this in one sitting.
I recommend this to all my adult friends!

Sins of a Stranger

Kindle Customer LL : Good series - waiting for more : May 2, 2019 : Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Enjoyed the books. Disappointed that there are no more in the series. Hopefully soon. Charlotte needs more story time!


Deliver by Moonlight

Kindle Customer LL : One courageous woman 's story prewar and during WWII : April 18, 2019 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

Suspenseful take of a very strong and determined woman who had terrible losses but moved on with her life until she makes a tragic mistake.


Things You Should Know About Women (Written By A Man)

Istrianlife : ... genre I found it a most enjoyable and a funny read, and at times found myself laughing out : August 16, 2016 : Format : Paperback

Well what can one say I wanted to hate this book and its chauvenist author, but I laughed out loud on many occasions and often felt he had bugged my house.
He is a good observer of people and ordinary life. As I have dogs and handbags of a certain make well done and thanks for the laughs.
A good holiday read.
This is written by my wife and I also enjoyed the read.


Deliver by Moonlight

Polar Star : This is Quentin Cope's best! A great read.: December 12, 2015 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

Fantastic story. I couldn't put it down. Well told story about WWII behind the lines in France


Glover Wright : November 24, 2015 : Format : Paperback

Quentin Cope: Deliver by Moonlight".  Review by Glover Wright

Author Quentin Cope's move into Ken Follett WW2 saga territory pays off in spades in "Deliver by Moonlight", the first of three new Cope novels linking his well-defined characters through tumultuous world events as decades and eras pass.

It would be unfair to Cope and his many avid readers  to give away his plot (difficult too as it is wide-ranging and absorbing) but at its constantly hard-beating heart is his heroine, Eve Charbonneau, growing from a spoilt only child middle-class girl of Jewish descent into a heroine in the French resistance - but first falling pregnant along her youthful precocious way to a dashing wealthy French aristocrat, Thierry Marquis de Vergy-Laval, who commits suicide when confronted with the situation unacceptable to his high station. Predictably, her illigitimate boy-child is ripped from Eve by her shamed parents and passed secretly into the care of a religious order of French monks and nuns near Nice. Her fall continues as she drifts homeless and despairing into life in a Paris bordello, constantly longing for her lost son, leading inevitably - as her fortunes improve in a most unlikely way - to her lifetime search for him with fateful consequences for both mother and son as the scourge of Nazism engulfs Europe. Quentin Cope's "Deliver by Moonlight" will grip the reader relentlessly throughout with its credible scenes of action, torture and  twists of fate - for this is a novel of humanity at its most cruel and depraved, yet, deep at its heart, uplifting, in its denouement of supreme courage and sacrifice.

Geoffrey Glover-Wright

The Ludlum Prediction

K. L. Carter : ... of book I would normally read but I am glad I did : August 9, 2015 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

This is not the sort of book I would normally read but I am glad I did. Several times I was tempted to stop due to editing issues. In the end, the story was captivating enough to draw me onward and I'm glad I persisted. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now going to look at other books by this author.


Milroy de Silva : Three Stars : October 5, 2014 :Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase :

Believable and well crafted.


J Savitkas : Good Read : December 27, 2013 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

Overall this was a very interesting read. Combination of history, religion, intrigue, and mystery. However, the ending was somewhat confusing and left the question of exactly who the child was...the Messiah or the Antichrist. Maybe I missed the point. Good book. I recommend it to readers of all faiths.


Polar Star : Pleasant Surprise!!!! : September 18, 2013: Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

I have read all of Quentin's novels but the Ludlum Prediction caught me by surprise and did it ever "catch me". I couldn't put it down. It is a well written suspense novel with lots of intrigue and interaction. I am so impressed with the details that Quentin has woven into the story. It is a first class read.


The Doksany Legacy

JN : Great sequel ... : May 1, 2014 : Format : Paperback

If you have read The Geneveh Project, then this is a 'must read' for your collection of Cope's books. It has been cleverly written to be read as a standalone story, with a short catchup from TGP to explain some of the background and set the scene, or an exciting sequel to one of Cope's best action and adventure books. I liked it a lot and what really impresses me is how he manages to build his stories around real events with astounding detail. If you are a Cope fan, then this is definitely one for a good holiday read.


The Unicorn Conspiracy

Polar Star : I couldn't put this book down. : May 10, 2013 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

The Unicorn Conspiracy was a true thriller with no gaps in the action. This story was woven by a master.


AJA Sheehan : Excellent read : July 1, 2013 : Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Good fast paced thriller good main character hero
Easy to pick up and still hungry at the end for more
Will happily read more from this author



C V Andrews : Good story! : August 21, 2020 : Format : Kindle Edition

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to a sequel. However, please, please could the author learn the rules of apostrophes!!!!! Plurals DO NOT have an apostrophe!


The Travels of Herbert T. Eustace

Bigmama : Odd but familiar: March 7, 2020 :Format : Kindle Edition

An entertaining dystopian view of our crazy world. You will certainly recognise yourself and many others amongst the crazy characters on their travels through life. But underneath the laughter there is a more serious look at modern day values. Will Herbert like the person he becomes?


The Carlisle Trilogy

William Bell. Red Lion Pub : Well researched, and well written. :February 20, 2020 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

Having read several books previously, by this author, I was not surprised by the quality and style of the writing in this trilogy. I can, wholeheartedly recommend this book, and other previously sampled books by this accomplished wordsmith, and weaver of evocative tales. Thoroughly recommended, an exciting read.


Tony Collins - Football Master Spy

Rick : Great book ! : April 13, 2017 : Format : Kindle Edition

Brilliant really good honest read ! Tony Collins your a legend ! And a credit to the game of football.


Andy : Great Reading: March 22, 2017 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

What an amazing read.


Roger Smith : Liked the comments on the former York manager and how ... : December 19, 2016 : Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

A very interesting book , he doesn't pull any punches. Liked the comments on the former York manager and how badly he was treated by my club Leeds United


John Andrew: A remarkable life in football: November 28, 2016 :Format : Paperback

I really enjoyed reading this book. It tells the whole life story of Tony Collins starting with his childhood through his early sporting prowess at school and his time in the army during WWII. After the war he became one of the understated 'stars' of football. Not so much on the field of play - because his skills were not given the opportunity of many first team games by the managers of the time. But his managerial career was truly groundbreaking and he went on to be one of the great scouts of the game - travelling the length and breadth of the country in search of the next George Best. The book is full of great stories from this life in football - the tale of Bristol City's trip to Tehran to play the Shah of Iran's top team had me laughing along at the Shah's antics to fix the game in his favour! Through it all he had the support of a loving wife and family with a shared pride in his achievements. The book concludes with a fascinating set of his match reports on stars of the future including Gary Lineker.


Boardbabe1 : WOW just WOW! Perfect for any footie fan!: November 21, 2016 : Format : Paperback

What a fascinating book, I couldn't put it down, they called him Mr Football, I can see why now, eras in social history pre 2nd world war and making football history, how can someone be so brilliant in the football world yet relatively unknown? Also interesting how many big name people admired his work and employed him, Alan Dicks, Don Revie, Allan Clarke,Brian Clough, Jimmy Armfield, David O'Leary, Jim Smith, Ron Atkinson, Ossie Ardiles, must have been nice to have acquaintances like Bobby Robson, Jock Stein,Sir Matt Busby, Ron Greenwood and Bill Shankly. Wow what a life!!!