Learning the Dark Arts

When an ambitious Colonel Romanovich Boronovsky takes over the secretive Russian SVR Foreign Security Service, his protégée, Anna Petrov begins a career built upon death and deception, swiftly becoming Russia’s number one contract assassin. However, a restless Anna cannot be at peace with herself until she tracks down the murderer of her lover and father of her stillborn child, Gorky Valentin.

Focus and determination

Eventually, the need to settle her mind and track down the British assassin known as ‘Ginger’ becomes paramount and she leaves the SVR, setting off for England. With the UK security services hot on her trail Anna needs to move quickly. If she is not able to go to him, then Anna makes a plan that will force ‘Ginger’ to come to her. But will they ever meet, face to face? Will Anna, alone in a hostile country environment, be able to succeed where others have failed?

Finally face to face

The outcome may well be a surprise for one of the two battling assassins; technicians in murder and both at the top of their trade. However, with a determination to survive and vengeance overruling any possibility of caution, only one of the two merchants of death will be fortunate enough to come out on top?

Unputdownable …the final page

A dark but at times exhilarating international espionage thriller, designed to leave you wanting more, chapter after chapter. The first time reader will become immersed from page one and the powerful female main character will have you rooting for her against all the odds. ANNA is a finely crafted thriller; a well written observation of one focused and determined woman, up there with Rimington, McEwan, Eliasberg ... and the very best of the rest.