Sins of a Stranger


Sins of a Stranger


A story of truth’s and lies that wind around each other as strands of tightening wire, not caring there are two kinds of truth; one that offers freedom and one that will bury the seeker of it deep beneath an incalculable weight of guilt.


When Charlotte, the titled Lady Bourchier and Duchess of Millbury is forced to witness, in horrific detail, the murder of her father Glenn Carlisle, she has little choice but to face her demons. Determined to track down what many believe to be a professional assassin, the killer of a man considered one of the richest in the world, a well known philanthropist and in his later years a highly successful diplomat, Charlotte sets her course.

As part of her self-imposed therapy, she creates a new secret identity as Norah Watts, someone who will author a best-selling novel built around her father’s complex life and background. Picking up on Glenn Carlisle’s extensive political and intelligence contacts she goes to work, nurturing White House insiders with exotic dinner parties and substantial patronage but nothing is forthcoming from the tightlipped intelligence community - and the years pass by.

Little does she know how far her involvement in International politics will go until as a special US Ambassador she finds herself wrapped up in a war the United States are not directly concerned with but an event that could prove to be the tinder box for a much greater conflict, possibly engulfing the whole of the Americas. With the worlds of politics and covert intelligence never too far apart, Charlotte becomes embroiled within an amount of intelligence gathering designed to provide her with an advantage in tracking down the killer she so desperately seeks.

However, it is a series of family matters that drive her back to France and the recovery of her mother’s family estates. It’s there she meets a man she feels she is destined to marry. So, is it coincidence the Chateau at Maison Blanches, a property once owned by her family as a summer estate is now claimed by a notorious band of smugglers headed up by Antoine Le Roux, a family with connections to her father and his wartime activities? Is it another coincidence that Alain Charmont, the man a certain well known novelist, Norah Watts is due to marry, also has connections with  Antoine’s son, Bernard Le Roux, an exile, a man on the run, but on the run from what?

In this exciting finale, the third book in the Carlisle trilogy, the unraveling of circumstances and situations expose an unexpected vulnerability for Charlotte Bourchier Carlisle, Duchess of Millbury. What part will the mysterious Mr. James ‘Monty’ Gittins play when lives are finally about to be laid on the line? This story follows the life of Charlotte from the death of her father in 1976 through to a thrilling conclusion in 1990 and ending the complete seventy one year long narrative begun in 1919.