Billion Dollar Double Cross

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Did Atlanta billionaire Levi Goldman understand that once he made a contract with the ‘Yegg’ man … he was committed? A vault nearly 200 feet below London’s Bryanston Street, built by the British Special Operations Executive to protect the names of its WWII spies, is now the resting place for other WWII memorabilia … billions of dollars worth of artworks, stolen by a fanatical Hitler from its mainly Jewish owners in 1942.

The mysterious ‘Yegg’ man, master safe cracker and explosives expert, is contracted to steal three particular paintings from this secret store, but when he does so, the moody trickster Levi Goldman refuses to pay the agreed fee. As a result, his lifelong work collecting art and classic American motor cars goes up in smoke and from that very moment … the chase is on!

Specialist thief catcher, Damon Kendrick, is tasked with tracking down the ‘Yegg’ man and recovering the stolen artworks on behalf of the Zaymar Insurance Company. But are there too many obstacles in the way and has he foolishly allowed his employer, the beautiful Isobel, to become his love interest?

Russian Kremlin front man Dimitri Volenskia thinks he has been double-crossed when he tries to grab the paintings in what he sees as a fire sale. To guarantee success, he lets his beautiful and devious head of security, Christina Gomez, loose on the matter.

The bodies begin to pile up. Is Kendrick in control? Christina doesn’t think so. Is the one man seemingly at the centre of it all, US Presidential candidate Gerald T. Hanover, able to stay cool and calm? Not if the ‘Yegg’ man has anything to do with it.

So, what about the madman gangster Manny Abram’s and his crew? Originally employed as protection by Levi Goldman, there’s no doubt he’s playing dangerous games with everybody … and might well end up as one of the early casualties himself in this high stakes war between the very rich, the disgustingly rich and the unbelievably powerful!

This latest novel from master story teller Quentin Cope has more twists and turns than a sun bathing rattlesnake. Can professional thief catcher Damon Kendrick survive the ride along such a bumpy road? And what about the mysterious ‘Yegg’ man … could he end up being the last man standing? There’s only one way to find out …!


At the turn of the last century the safe storage of money and financial documents became a priority as businesses and individuals prospered.

In America, manufacturers led the world in applying new technology to the design of thief proof storage. As a result of all this effort, a new breed of safe-cracker appeared, one experienced in developing explosive devices that would blow open a modern safe with ease.

These specialists became known throughout the period as ‘Yegg’ men.

This is the story of a modern day 21st Century ‘Yegg’ man. It is also the story of an astonishingly audacious robbery and an aftermath that would lead all who knew about it sworn to secrecy.

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