‘Billy was not a brutal man … but he was capable of brutal things!’

It all started with a WWII tunnel and a promise from a liar. However, it would end with the cruel mass murder of skeleton souls buried alive in the inky blackness of a tomb from hell.

It’s 2025. Ambitious top criminal Billy Bright meets an engaging French aristocrat who has drawings of the tunnel. Billy plans to make a new excavation from England and meet up with the original Nazi workings. A mass of several million giant, blind rats are released attacking everything with a heartbeat. Blustering Prime Minster Randolph ‘Randy’ Francis is not in complete control. The animals carry an unknown HIV related virus. Infections quickly turn into an epidemic. The death toll is rising. Martial Law is declared, gagging the Press whilst a vaccine is desperately sought by a team of specialists in Edinburgh.

But something bad is now happening in the UK. France, along with EU leaders demand assurances ... or else they will blockade the British Isles, putting a whole nation in economic lockdown. The Americans, firmly in the mix with threats from an unhinged President, tell the EU he thinks they should simply ‘nuke’ England and ‘solve the problem’. Such an explosive situation can only have one outcome as President Dwight Barker takes matters into his own hands. A nuclear missile submarine stands to in the Atlantic Ocean. Barker gives the order. This must be the end ... or is it?

EPIDEMIC is a fast moving psychological suspense, medical thriller connecting secret Nazi projects in WWII with a modern world of corrupt affairs of state and threats of epidemic disease. It lays bare the responsibilities of government and the fraudulent public school politics that can often define it. You will be locked in from the very first page … but not for the squeamish!