It’s London 1946; the war is over ... for some. A notorious Maquis résistance leader with a new identity unexpectedly runs into his ex-wartime mission partner agent Vivette and after a deeply passionate night spent together she reveals she is really Lady Julia Bourchier, Duchess of Millbury now a spymaster for the British MI6. Their parting is sealed with a simple but puzzling note ... they can never be together ... ever again!

A confused Glenn Carlisle discovers he has a fortune left to him by his mother and is now determined to set off for America in order to create an even larger one.

After several exhausting years of building his company Carlisle International Holdings into an International empire, Glenn Carlisle is forced to take a break and head for Paris where he meets Annette, a woman not masked by the haunting and ever present face of Vivette.

The two are inseparable, but on a visit to Newport Rhode Island in 1964, a killer’s bullet goes astray, leaving the determined millionaire to vow vengeance, relentlessly embarking on a mission to track down the assassin!

In France, the millionaire businessman and ex secret agent tracks down the perpetrator and they meet ... face to face, but who is about to gain the upper hand? Hardened criminal Antoine Le Roux has a tale to tell and Glenn Carlisle has a life changing decision to make.

It’s 1969. Glenn Carlisle receives a letter in London that will change the direction of his life forever. Lady Julia Bourchier has passed away. Glenn makes contact with her impoverished daughter Charlotte only to discover he is in fact her father.

For Glenn, a new life begins, pushing aside the shadows of his past as he and Charlotte become partners in business and ‘A’ list celebrities on the New York social circuit. For the Carlisle’s, life could not be better. However, before too long dark clouds appear on the horizon, leaving the Carlisle’s something deeply disturbing to think about when Glenn is told he has a terminal medical condition leaving him with only a few short years to live.

Back in France, although Antoine le Roux has been prepared to bury the family past, his son Bernard Le Roux, is not. He has a plan to finish what his father couldn’t and travels to New York.

Will the confident young Frenchman be successful? Will he end the life of a man who murdered members of his family in 1944 and created a bloody massacre in the forest of Rennes some 20 years later?

But what about Charlotte herself and the empire that is Carlisle International Holdings? Someone will need more than god and good luck on their side knowing that in the life of a ‘Carlisle’ ... nothing is ever really finished!

‘CARLISLE’ is a great standalone story detailing the twists and turns in the life of Glenn Carlisle and his family from 1944 to 1976. It is a seductive tale of courage, intimacy and violent encounters ablaze with threat from the very first page. Packed with strong, perfectly staged characters, it is also the second book in a series, the first of which is titled ‘DELIVER BY MOONLIGHT’ detailing the circumstances of Carlisle’s family and background covering the period 1919 to 1943.