The Geneveh Project

The Geneveh Project

Is the brutal assassination in Hong Kong of a respected Marine Insurance executive, carried out days after a violent assault by sinister forces on his family, merely a coincidence - or part of a covert plan running out of control? With a senior and well connected member of the Chinese Mafia taking an interest, someone is now determined to find out! Why has an aerial engagement between super fast fighter jets, high above the disputed territories of the Persian Gulf signalled an early end to the life of a top level government official in Tehran? Perhaps only the head of the notorious Iranian Rev Guard could answer that particularly interesting question.

Scheme 112/406, also known as The Geneveh Project, is at the heart of it all, driven by the greed of one single man. With the American CIA determined to scupper the whole plan and the British SIS sitting on the sidelines, the second most powerful man in Iran puts pressure on the cavalier English oilfield entrepreneur to finish the work on time, quoting an ancient Persian saying; ‘He who wants a rose must respect the thorn’ The warning is clear – the consequences of failure - life threatening!

The stakes are running high, as is the escalating price for finishing the complex, delicate works in the middle of a front line war zone, forcing the cunning millionaire industrialist to do a deal with a dubious anglophile Iraqi Air Force General, who has the power to destroy the ambitions of all concerned – at the press of a button! When the final confrontation arrives, it is unexpected, forcing the SIS to come out of the shadows and act, leaving the senior covert CIA Middle East operative impotent; merely a bystander in an event that is to eventually take many lives – and send shockwaves around the world! So, will the possibly over confident oilfield tycoon succeed in the gamble of his life? The head of the Iranian Rev Guard has put the Englishman’s life on it! The CIA have put a billion dollar submarine on it!


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