Deliver by Moonlight


Deliver By Moonlight


A search is on for the long lost illegitimate child of Eve, Madame of Le Chabanais; the most famous Bordello in 1920’s Paris. But with the tragic death of her mentor gnawing at her sanity she moves south to begin a new less complicated life.

However, in 1940, the Nazi invasion of France forces her into the murky, underground world of fearless Maquis fighters looking for retribution against a background of British spy’s overseeing the reluctant birth of the American OSS. The battle is on to win the hearts and minds of the French Résistance leaving Eve committed to a life of covert activity that will lead her to face a truth she never thought possible, and dedicated to the ultimate survival of a complete stranger.

This intriguing historical drama following the life of one courageous woman and a defiantly brave young man, will take you back to a time, between world wars, of hedonistic Parisian pleasures and the following much darker days of invasion and despair.

A great standalone story that can also be read as the first part of a three book series. Book Two charts the continuing fortunes of Gaston Voclain and is titled: Sins of aStranger.