SPARROWHAWK – The Accidental Death of a Dead Man

 It had been reported to South Shields Police HQ as a straightforward road accident. Perhaps it was but the crash scene gives rise to more questions than answers. Then there is Merrick Nethercutt. Could he just be a frustrated writer and novelist, hungry for literary success … or a narcissistic psychopath prepared to commit murder in order to claim a place at the table of world prize winning authors?

Northumbrian police master sleuth, Detective Inspector Sparrowhawk, is tasked with finding out. But Sparrowhawk’s boss, DCI Hoppingdon wants to know what there is to investigate? Did a carefully planned and perfectly executed murder take place, or was the victim’s death the result of a clear-cut car accident. One theory requires a mountain of irrefutable evidence and the other a simple autopsy report.

‘Too much speculation and not enough hard evidence …’ is how Hoppingdon puts it, offering his chain smoking Inspector just twenty four more hours to put the case to bed …or put it in the bin. A good bit of extra luck might be required to add some badly needed momentum. 

This finely crafted British detective suspense thriller will show D.I. Sparrowhawk at his irritatingly calm best as he unravels the carefully prepared scenario to a murder that possibly never happened! One thing is for sure, in his world, there is a price to pay for everything but who would be settling the account on this one?