Things You Should Know About Women (Written By A Man)

This is a book that comes with its own guilty smile from the first page and several situations calling for nothing less than outright laughter. Why? ... Because we have all been there! WARNING ... Sense of humour required.

Now released on Amazon worldwide is the latest offering from author Quentin Cope. ‘Things You Should Know About Women (Written By A Man)’ is a collection of words that has ended up as a rather difficult subject to categorise. How it is viewed will very much depend primarily upon the gender and particular viewpoint of the reader, as it could possibly be seen as a book promoting marital and partnership harmony or, at the other end of the spectrum, a guide to treating the dangerously infectious inferiority complex of a fully committed male chauvinist. However it will finally be received, at first glance, a clue must be considered to be hidden within the title.

This engaging and positively amusing missive can best be described as a sideways glance at relationships; an observational study of man at his best ... and worst, and a credible guide for practising divorce lawyers of either sex. 

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