The Unicorn Conspiracy

It is the early autumn of 1973; the setting for a story of International politics, high finance and personal revenge, triggered by events that took place on the Oman’s high plateau at Jebel Akhtar during a cold January in 1959. Leading to a scenario that could turn out to be the beginnings of World War Three, the fast moving action moves quickly through Africa, the Middle East and Europe. One man is tasked to prevent what some would later look back upon as the scenario for a possible Armageddon. A bitter, exiled religious leader, gaining an increasing Islamic following by the day, has the power to release the might of a cold war Soviet Union on a financially crippled Europe. America is retreating back in to its shell and divorcing itself from any military responsibilities to a recently formed and generally distrusted European Community. Maxwell Armstrong, a man desperately needing to extract himself from the clutches of the British SIS, is the only person who has the ability to communicate with the exiled religious Imam in a determined attempt to call off an inevitable Jihad to be proclaimed against the west. The clock is ticking, but standing firmly in his path are the powerful, ruthless and manipulative members of a secret organization calling itself 'Unicorn'. Seemingly betrayed at every turn, the ruthless British agent desperately attempts to stay one step ahead of the murderous, clandestine society, but will he be in time? This is a thriller to the very bitter end with Maxwell Armstrong following a trail of death, torture and mass destruction: a determined man who will not rest until the members of the Unicorn Conspiracy are finally exposed.

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